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Swim & Surf Program

We create a safe space for Sri Lankan girls and women to enjoy the ocean.

What We Provide


Swim & Surf


We provide free lessons for Sri Lankan girls and women of all ages. Using our very own SeaSisters methodology, our international instructors teach in a fun, playful and safe way - helping each girl overcome fear, build confidence and significantly improve their swimming and surfing skills.

Education &


We host discussions and special workshops on ocean safety, environmental awareness and women's health. To facilitate these activities, we develop

bilingual educational materials

(in Sinhalese and English) and facilitate guest speakers and collaborations with like-minded organizations.


Swim & Surf

We offer more advanced swim and surf training for our SeaSisters who dream big - of becoming the first female surf instructors in Sri Lanka, opening their own surf schools or competing in national competitions. We equip them with the skills needed to work in Sri Lanka's growing surf tourism sector. 

"When I'm in the ocean, I feel free.

Free like a bird."

SeaSisters Mar 16 2019-7.jpg

Making Waves

Our Swim & Surf Program usually runs from November through April, aligning with the local surf season. Our lessons take place in Weligama, a surf town on Sri Lanka's South Coast with one of the world's most beginner friendly beach breaks.

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