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Education & Advocacy

We work towards more sustainable behaviors within surf tourism and a redefined image

of the surfer girl.

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What We Address




Our obsession with plastic, particularly single use plastics such as bags, bottles, straws, and food packaging, is having a devastating impact on our oceans - an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year, harming marine life, the health of our ecosystems and inevitably, us. Learn the facts here.

Education is step one - understanding the problem, the role we each play and what we can do to have a positive impact.




The consumption and waste disposal practices of a community,  both by locals and tourists, greatly impact the health of our environment. We believe that through improved education about environmental challenges and how personal choices play a role, along with reconnecting people to the environment - we can foster more sustainable practices around consumption and waste disposal.



of 'Surfer Girls'

Surf culture often portrays a very limited version of the 'surfer girl' - skinny, bikini-wearing women, often simply standing on the beach holding their surfboards, while men are portrayed in action, ripping waves. 

We fight for a real representation of the strong, diverse surfer girls across the world - all ages, shapes, sizes, skin colors, religions, etc. - and one that features strength and femininity rather than sexualization.

Using our SeaSisters

Ocean Safety and

Protect Our Oceans

booklets, we discuss environmental challenges and positive changes we can each make to help!


We host workshops

including lifesaving and water rescue trainings, visits from motivational women in sports, and adventure film screenings.

Each SeaSisters lesson ends with a beach clean and a discussion of what we find, how our consumption habits contribute and sharing ideas for reducing plastic use.


Wish to learn more about what we do?
Reach out.

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