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Our Impact

More than a sport, surfing can offer life changing benefits and economic opportunities

Our Areas of Change

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Improve confidence, develop collective power, and open economic opportunities for women in Sri Lanka’s surf tourism sector.

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Increase swimming and surfing skills, teach safety, and restore the ocean as a safe and enjoyable space following the 2004 tsunami.

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Environmental Awareness

Reconnect local communities to the ocean, spread awareness of environmental challenges, and foster more sustainable practices.

Impact Stories

"When I'm in the water,
I can hear my own voice." 

- Sanu

Growing up in a small fishing village, there are many expectations for Sri Lankan girls like Sanu. By learning to swim and surf, they are challenging these norms and creating new opportunities. 
Watch the award-winning documentary on Sanu's story here.


"I want to tell every Sri Lankan woman that it's okay to go outside and have fun!" 

- Chamani

Joining SeaSisters in 2018 with her daughter Sithumi, the sea was a completely new place for Chamani, despite living alongside it her whole life. Today, she loves surfing and inspires other women to step out of their comfort zones. Learn more about her inspirational story here.

"At SeaSisters I was able 

to learn something I never thought I could do in my life! I love it so much!"

- Sriyani, (mom, left)


"SeaSisters taught me how much I missed the ocean

even though I live near it."  

- Kalpa, (daughter, right)


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