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Become a Surf Buddy


Get Matched with a Local Girl and Share your Skills!


Weligama, Sri Lanka



All Year Around


1x per week 

min. 3 months /   




We are looking for women who want to become mentors of motivated Sri Lankan girls, helping them to take their swimming and surfing skills up to the next level. We match you 1:1, which will allow you to make a meaningful connection that will last forever.

Who are you?

You are an experienced swimmer and surfer, in the best case a certified instructor. You are a passionate woman, spending at least a few weeks in Sri Lanka this fall/winter/spring, either on surf holiday or living and working in the area (long-term preferred). You want to dive deeper into the culture and have a positive impact on the life of a Sri Lankan girl or woman.

What does it mean to be a surf buddy?

  • You will help one girl or women to improve their skills by giving lessons 1x week

  • Training will take outside of SeaSisters lessons; this means that you are going to teach on your own

  • But don't worry, we will support you with educational materials and board rental


  • Present in Weligama area for a minimum of 3 months

  • All-year around



  • Must be female 

  • Must be an experienced swimmer and surfer (in the best case you're an instructor)

  • Must be trained or licensed in first aid or ocean safety (specify date of issue)

  • Must have experience teaching swimming or surfing

  • You will be introduced to the family and get their permission


What We Expect from You:

  • Shared passion → you must be passionate and believe in the SeaSisters vision

  • Commitment →  you must be reliable and on-time

  • Cultural awareness & sensitivity →  it’s important to be respectful towards the local community and customs, representing SeaSisters in a positive way

  • Flexible & adaptive → each day in Sri Lanka brings unexpected things & lessons may not always go as planned; you must be flexible & have a go with the flow attitude


What You Can Expect: 

  • Have a positive impact on the life of a local girl

  • It will be a fun, rewarding and empowering experience for both of you

  • Be prepared to get invited for tea or dinner at the family's home

  • During season: Option to join SeaSisters activities

  • Opportunity to play a role in Sri Lanka’s developing surf tourism sector; by enabling local women to start surfing, you can contribute to a shift in gender roles that empowers women and changes the local surf scene for the better!

  • Letter of recommendation following successful completion of volunteer position

As a young organization, we are open to all ideas and encourage you to share prior experiences and knowledge with the team, helping us all learn and grow! We will give you opportunities to initiate ideas and help shape SeaSisters with your unique perspective.

To apply, please send an email to with:

  • Subject line: ‘Application for Swim / Surf Instructor’

  • Your CV

  • A cover letter, stating your interest, relevant qualifications / certifications (including date of issue) and your period of availability


Once your application is received, we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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