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We prioritize meaningful connections and build a bridge between tourists and the local community. ​

Explore our Events

If you want to connect with our community, learn about Sri Lankan culture or support our mission, we have the right event for you!

Community Events

Once a month we organise free community events and trips for our SeaSisters members.

We create a safe space for Sri Lankan women and girls, where they can express themselves freely and learn about topics such as environmental protection and women's rights.

From snorkelling excursions to women's circles and surf trips - all our events are fun and create life-long friendships and a feeling of sisterhood!

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SeaSisters Experience Day

Our signature event.


This educational workshop is for tourists and everyone who wants to support us and our mission. You will dive deep into Sri Lankan culture, connect with Sri Lankan women and other tourists, and learn how to be a more conscious traveler.

Our SeaSisters Kalpa and Udani will share their personal stories and tremendous knowledge with you.

Workshop includes:

  • Insights why we started SeaSisters

  • Discussion about Sri Lankan women, ocean fear & environmental issues

  • Sinhalese lesson

  • Sustainability tips

  • Sri Lankan lunch

Full Moon
Women's Circle

Our Women’s Circle connects Sri Lankan and international women in an authentic and empowering way.  The event  takes place on Full Moon, or as we say in Sri Lanka, Poya Day. 


Our facilitators Thamali and Kalpa will guide you through an evening that is all about connecting, expressing ourselves and empowering each other.

You will get to know Sri Lankan traditions and share your experiences as women from different backgrounds and cultures.

women circle 2

What to expect:

  • Movement and art

  • Sharing Circle

  • Full Moon rituals

  • English / Sinhalese Translator

  • Small Snacks and refreshments

Make sure to make your reservation soon, as we only have limited spots available.

Half of the spots are reserved for our SeaSisters - inspiring women from villages along the South coast, who you will meet there!

women circle 3

Fundraising Events

Have fun while doing something good!


To support our mission of empowering Sri Lankan women and girls, we organise a variety of fundraising events during the season.

Stay tuned for more info.

All profits directly support our free Swim & Surf Program. 

Product Pop-Ups

Our beautiful products are back!


Once a month, we organise a pop-up store, where you have the chance to buy our SeaSisters merchandise.

Meet our team, enjoy some drinks and get to know more what's happening behind the scenes. 

Dates will be announced soon.


What Others Say

"Thank you so so much for this incredible event. I learned a lot about the woman’s role in society and history in Sri Lanka and how to be a more conscious tourist. Left the event feeling much more connected to the Sri Lankan people and felt great contributing to change for women. Keep it up, you are much appreciated!!   - Emma B.

"This workshop is exactly what Sri Lanka tourism needs. It opens your eyes to the culture of surf, women and what’s it’s truly like in Sri Lanka. SeaSisters helped me get more confident in the waters and im so thankful. Thankful for their drive to change surf culture for Sri Lankan women and thankful for these workshops that widen tourists perspectives."   - Omaya

Thank you to our partners for supporting our events.

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