We strive for a more inclusive and responsible

surf community in Sri Lanka.

A diverse line-up.

We believe that women deserve the same opportunities as men. We also believe that swimming and surfing can serve as powerful tools of social change. That is why we founded SeaSisters.


By providing weekly swim and surf lessons, we create a safe space for local women to enjoy the ocean and influence mindsets around gender norms in Sri Lanka.

Our Areas of Change

Women's Empowerment

Improve confidence, foster collective power, and open economic opportunities for women in

Sri Lanka’s surf tourism sector.



Increase swimming and surfing skills, teach ocean safety, and restore the ocean as a safe and enjoyable space following the 2004 tsunami.

Environmental Awareness

Reconnect local communities to the ocean, spread awareness of environmental challenges, and foster more sustainable practices.

Get Involved

Join SeaSisters in a movement of change. Around the world, people are stepping forward to challenge the status quo and fight for gender equality. Every action counts!

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