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1) Bags are handmade in Sri Lanka, by women for fair wages.

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2) Every purchase directly supports our Swim & Surf program. 



Our products do not only look good - they also do good!


Our bags are handmade by Sri Lankan women for fair wages - providing job opportunities for women from rural areas.


Every purchase directly supports our Swim & Surf Program - providing the opportunity to learn how to swim and surf. 

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SeaSisters Methodology

Females-only lessons

International team of female instructors

1:2 ratio of instructors to participants

Sinhalese-English translators on site

Bilingual educational materials

Culturally appropriate clothing for all

Playful but professional approach

Mutual cultural learning

Empowering experience for everybody

Some Facts


Female surf instructors from Sri Lanka

In rural areas, women face multiple barriers to participate in economic and recreational activities. Despite the growing surf tourism sector, there is not one certified female surf instructor from Sri Lanka (by June 2020). 


Sri Lankans drown every year

This is the number of Sri Lankan citizens that die because of drowning every year. Sri Lanka has one of the highest drowning rates worldwide. Usually, swimming is not taught at school. Most Sri Lankans never learn.


Largest plastic polluter worldwide

Sri Lanka is ranked to be the 5th largest plastic polluter in the world. This is harmful for the planet, people and animals. Every year, thousands of birds, fish and sea turtles die because of plastic pollution.


Swim & Surf


Through our Swim & Surf Programwe create a safe space for Sri Lankan girls and women to enjoy the ocean and influence mindsets around gender norms. We also equip them with the skills needed to work within the surf tourism industry.


Education &


Through our education and advocacy initiatives, we raise awareness of environmental challenges, foster more sustainable practices and aim to redefine the image of the 'surfer girl' to be more diverse and inclusive.

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Through our SeaSisters product line we support local female artisans with fair-wage employment. As a social enterprise, income generating activities are used to further our social mission - meaning each purchase supports our Swim & Surf Program.

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